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Cheaper way from Airport to Park Lane hotel in Hong Kong? airport bus is definately the cheapest way to go out to the city. but they do hv limited routes to diff districts r lucky as they do hv 1 stop close to the park lane htl. take the A11 fr the airport to causeway bay. chk the above link 4 farerouting. ok...when u 1st arvd to the hk airport.... after the immigratrion... head to the middle part of the arrival hall / u wil find indictaion pointing u where's the bus stop. it wil be a little slope going downward n find A11. the fare wil be HKD$40 direct to the city. if u r taking the train (airport express). it wil like abt HKD$100 4 a single journey tix + u hv to shift a taxi fr the HK station --> park lane as the HK station is just located in Central not causeway bay. if taxi to park lane, it wil be approx. HKD$350 4 a journey. anyway, back to the A11.... u wil hv to get off at station no.14 as shown in their website. no worry abt ur luggages as they hv special made luggage racks inside the busu better take the seat on 1 level up so to enjoy a bit our scenery while u heading city. u wil pass by the famous Tsing Ma Bridge after the toll station which opening ceremony was held by prince Charlesprinces Diana b4. so....again ur bus stop. no. 14 --> after get off turn rite --> u wil c a hugh karaoke bldg aside named Neway CEO --> pass CEOturn left instantly --> walk into the inner street straight ahead until u c a traffic light --> opp. to that light = park lane htl!! so easyjust 1-2 mins walking after u off fr the bus. good luckenjo HK!!

Misplaced my octopus card during the last week that I have student discount...farewell, old friend...

Do pick up Octopus card renewal forms from MTR counters if you still want your student transport discount! #hKUDOS #WestHK

@greasechan yeah but if you take mtr to and back you can liked discount using same octopus card

OMG I used the wrong Octopus card going back home and lost the 20% Citybus discount.

Thu, 13 Dec 2012 12:57:11 +0800 Octopus card discount on MTR

Omg last day of my student octopus card... Gonna miss... The student discount so much

Just got a discount for train by tapping my Octopus Card in a mall

@Somz0911 ah... that discount for express train is for Octopus card users (like T-money in Seoul)~

Ben & Jerry's discount with the Octopus card. Yebbah!

Swipe your octopus card to get discount (@ Harbour City жµ·жёЇеџЋ w/ 3 others) [pic]:

i lost my octopus card :( and all the discount cardsssssssssssss ...awwww

octopus card discount

All Promotions- Octopus Products- Automatic Add-Value Service- Octopus Rewards.20% discount on Stewed Pork Trotter and Ginger in Sweet Vinegar and Cooked."The Octopus card we use every day is a good example of the creative . ?Octopus Automatic Add Value. · ?Octopus for Businesses · ?Octopus Mobile Reader
Jul 8, 2013 - I was wondering if there are any discounts to Ocean Park or HK Disney with the Elder Octopus Card for non-Hong Kong or over seas travellers?
The MTR Fare Saver discount can only be encoded on an Adult Octopus.If the card is used for entry at any other MTR station, then the discount is .
Senior visitors to Hong Kong are able to enjoy generous discounts on fares for most public.Without Elder Octopus Card, foreign elderly visitors can still obtain .
Hong Kong Extras - Octopus Card.all of the current 32 MTR Fare Saver machines will offer HK$2 discount as part of MTR's 2016 fares promotion programme.
Octopus card is a very convenient way to pay fares on Hong Kong's the airport can enjoy a 50% discount on the return journey on the same day.
Airport Staff Discount Fare.Staff Octopus Card Application.the processor when passing through the gate of any Airport Express Station to enjoy the discount.

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